Restless Body Syndrome

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Restless Body Syndrome

Restless body syndrome is essentially a severe form of RLS, or Restless Leg Syndrome.

RLS is a condition where one has the uncontrollable urge to move their their legs in order to find ease from uncomfortable feelings.

Most irritating cases begin in the lower portion of the body as aching and paining in the legs. The annoying feelings begin to occur when the person starts to relax or lays down to sleep for the night.

At first things might feel calm and normal, but as soon as the real rest sets in, an uncomfortable sensation that has been described as itching, tingling, or crawling begins to occur. The sensations are felt underneath the surface of the skin and the only way to obtain temporary relief is to get up and move around.

Though there a many different forms and causes of the disorder, there are ways to ease the pain and get permanent relief from restless body syndrome.

What is Restless Body Syndrome?

When cases or Restless Leg Syndrome get stronger and more severe, symptoms of the disorder can lead to others parts of the body.

Restless body syndrome may start in the legs and then progress to the arms and back or even cover the person’s entire body. When the leg syndrome spreads out to the entire body it can be difficult to relax or get a good night sleep. Sometimes due to the extreme nature of the syndrome, the pain has potential to also continue throughout the day.

How to begin treating Restless Body Syndrome

There are a fews ways that people begin to treat and see effective results for eliminating restless body syndrome.

Restless body syndrome is often a condition that is related to your central nervous system, and if you seek to treat the symptoms from the root cause, there are ways to treat restless body symptoms.

Some people choose to experiment with natural supplemental treatments while others get prescription medication from their doctors to ease the discomfort. Still others try to obtain relief by practicing forms of yoga that emphasizes techniques of relaxing the body and mind together.

Herbal supplements for helping with the symptoms of restless body syndrome include Vitamin B, Folic Acid, and Magnesium. Some cases of restlessness are attributed to a lack of these vitamins or nutrients in the body, so targeting these specifically can be beneficial.

Overall, if your symptoms are very severe, you should really consult your doctor or physician and have them check you out for all the factors that may be contributing to your discomfort.

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